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With Loop Subscriptions, you get an insanely customizable and personalizable customer portal designed with smartphones in mind. Fast, responsive, and quick are the surnames of our customer portal!

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Make Managing Subscriptions Accessible
Define Customer Actions
Reduce cancellations using Flows
Swap products
Localize every piece of text
Customize your customer portal themes
What are the popular use cases of this feature?
Draft Themes
What are some popular use cases of this feature?
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Make manage subscriptions accessible

The best customer experience is the one that is most accessible to the customer. Using this article, you can learn how to make your Loop customer portal more accessible than ever!

To enable this, go to Loop > Customer portal > Accessibility

There are 2 ways to help your customers to easily access their subscriptions:

Subscriptions Login page: Configure a dedicated page for your customers to access their subscriptions without needing to create a customer account or remember passwords.

Thank you page: Use these settings to add and configure the subscription details box on thank you page when a customer purchases a subscription product.

Define customer actions

With Loop’s configurable customer portal, you can enable/disable actions that your customers can take from their portal with the touch of a button. Make the experience self-serve and reduce customer tickets regarding subscription management!

For this, Go to Loop > Customer Portal > Preferences

Preferences are further segregated into different actions:

Subscription actions: Choose which subscription actions can be taken by customers

Pause subscription: Configure how the pause subscription flow should work on the customer portal. Limit pause duration by asking customers to enter the resume date.

Order actions: Choose which order actions can be taken by customers

Edit/ Remove products: Choose which product actions can be taken by customers.

Payment and Shipping details: Allow customers to update their payment and shipping details. When allowing customers to update shipping address, make sure that the auto-update shipping prices setting is enabled.

Delivery method details: Allow customers to make changes to their subscription delivery method. When allowing customers to update their shipping address, make sure that the auto-update shipping prices setting is enabled.

Reduce cancellation using Cancellation flows

As a merchant, you would never want to lose your subscribers who are already using your product. Cancellation flows by loop retention engine empower merchants to reduce cancellations and increase the average number of successful orders placed per subscription.

Learn how to set up cancellation flows here.

Swap products

Swapping a product in a subscription plan allows customers to easily change the product they receive without canceling their subscription. This feature is particularly useful when a customer wants to try a new product or has a change in preference. By swapping products, customers can maintain their subscriptions while also enjoying the flexibility to customize their orders according to their needs.

Learn more about swapping products here.


Upsell in subscriptions refers to the practice of offering additional products or services to a customer who has already subscribed to a product or service. This can be a way for businesses to increase revenue by convincing existing customers to upgrade or add on to their current subscriptions.

Loop provides a powerful upsell section that allows you to offer powerful upsell/cross-sell options with granular customizations to drive revenue and provide value to the customer.

Learn how to set up and configure the Upsell section on Customer

Localize every piece of text

With Loop, you can write your text your way. This means that you can tweak anything that appears in front of your customer on their portal in your language or localization. This applies to every piece of information on the customer portal!

You can find these settings under Loop > Customer Portal > Texts.

Customize the Customer portal themes

We have made it way easier for you to customize the layout and styling of your customer portal for you.

For this, go to Loop > Customer portal > Themes.

This is divided into three further tabs:

Layout: Customize the layout of the customer portal by reordering the standard components already available. All you have to do is just drag and drop as per your preferences.

You can also toggle between mobile view and desktop view.

Note:- You can also add custom blocks in the customer portal layout with full HTML and CSS support to further enhance the customer experience and add information/ links that are not part of Loop subscription data. Please refer to the images below

Add newly launched product banners
Add subscriber's exclusive content links
Add subscription FAQ links
Add news like inventory stock-out situations, store temporarily closed, etc. to keep subscribers informed and take relevant actions.

Styles: Customize the portal colors and make them an extension of your brand.

Custom JS: You can also add custom JavaScript code to modify or extend the default customer portal functionality.

Draft themes

Note:- Now you can create draft themes and be able to preview them before publishing live.

What are the key features of draft themes?

Create draft themes by creating a copy of an already available theme
Add custom styles and JS to create a unique theme experience
you can preview them with live subscription data
you can Publish any theme in 1-click.

You can fine-tune your styling and JavaScript to achieve a pixel-perfect look without having to publish immediately. Design themes for specific occasions such as Black Friday/Cyber Monday, New Year's, and Independence Day, and thoroughly test them.
Once satisfied, you have the flexibility to publish or unpublish these themes at your convenience without having to implement last-minute adjustments. Save your code modifications for future use.

Need help?

No need to fret; we’re here to jump in and help you out. Reach out to us at or feel free to ping us on chat by clicking the support beacon on the bottom right.


Loop Subscription Team 🙂

Updated on: 24/06/2024

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