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Klaviyo is a robust third-party marketing automation platform that Loop seamlessly integrates with, enabling you to elevate your customer notifications to the next level. It is a versatile platform that enables users to effortlessly create transactional emails, implement effective win-back campaigns for customers who choose to cancel their subscriptions, and specifically target customers who abandon their initial orders.

Key features

Pools data from subscription events generated in Loop and triggers transactional email flows based on events such as subscription creation, upcoming orders, payment failures, skipped orders, etc.
Segment your customers based on the Loop custom attributes like active subscriptions count, products subscribed, next order date, etc.
Measures the opens, clicks, revenue generated, and breakdown of generated revenue based on custom attributes, and provides trend reports, cohort analysis, and subscriber growth.

This article will walk you through the steps required in order to integrate Klaviyo With Loop. Once you've connected your Klaviyo account, you'll be able to use Loop Subscription events on Klaviyo to trigger email flows and campaigns.

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How to integrate Klaviyo with Loop?
Loop's data synced with Klaviyo
Integration statistics
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How to integrate Klaviyo with Loop?

Navigate to Loop > Integrations > Klaviyo and select Connect.

Under the Set-Up Instructions tab, click Connect, which will redirect you to the Klaviyo Permissions and Auth page.

On the Klaviyo Permissions and Auth page, click Allow to complete the integration process.

You will then be redirected back to Loop, where the integration status will now be showing as "Connected".

In Loop's integration section for Klaviyo, we offer a streamlined approach to get started with sample events. You can click Trigger Sample Events to test the events triggered, examine the payload sent, and create flows, segments, and more.

Loop's data synced with Klaviyo

Events Triggered: Loop Subscription events which are synced with Klaviyo and can be used to trigger Klaviyo email flows.

loop_subscription_createdA new subscription has been created.
loop_subscription_pausedThe subscription is temporarily paused.
loop_subscription_resumedThe paused subscription is resumed.
loop_subscription_cancelledThe subscription is cancelled.
loop_subscription_reactivatedA cancelled subscription is reactivated.
loop_subscription_expiredThe subscription has reached its end date and is not renewed.
loop_order_upcomingAn upcoming order is scheduled under the subscription.
loop_order_skippedAn order under the subscription is skipped.
loop_order_processedAn order under the subscription is processed.
loop_order_partially_processedAn order under the subscription is partially processed.
loop_payment_attempt_failed_retryA payment attempt failed but will be retried.
loop_payment_attempt_failed_last_retryThe final attempt is left for a payment failed.
loop_payment_attempt_failedA payment attempt for the subscription failed.
loop_customer_activationA customer account associated with the subscription is activated.
loop_flow_completedA specific flow in the Loop is completed.

Custom Properties: Loop updates the subscription-related properties dynamically for Klaviyo profiles which can be used for customer segmentation and filtering.

$loop_active_subscriberIndicates if the customer is currently an active subscriber.
$loop_active_subscription_countShows the total count of active subscriptions the customer has.
$loop_cancelled_subscription_countNumber of subscriptions the customer has cancelled.
$loop_customer_idUnique identifier for the customer in Loop.
$loop_expired_subscription_countCounts the customer's subscriptions that have expired.
$loop_external_customer_idAn external identifier used for the customer, if applicable.
$loop_next_billing_dateThe date when the customer will be billed next for their subscription.
$loop_next_billing_date_displayA formatted version of the next billing date for display purposes.
$loop_paused_subscription_countThe number of subscriptions the customer has currently paused.
$loop_subscribed_variant_shopify_idsShopify IDs of the variants the customer is subscribed to.
loop_customer_portal_linkA direct link to the customer portal.
loop_session_tokenA session token for the customer's current subscription session.
$loop_subscription_revenueTotal revenue generated from the customer's subscriptions.
$loop_processed_order_countNumber of subscription orders that have been successfully processed for the customer.
$loop_subscribed_line_item_namesList of product names the customer is subscribed to.

Integration statistics

Once the Klaviyo account is successfully connected, you can view integration statistics, including details of Loop events synced during a specific period and any errors that may have occurred.

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There is no need to worry. We are here to assist you. Please contact us at or feel free to reach out to us through the chat by clicking on the support beacon located at the bottom right corner.


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Updated on: 04/07/2024

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