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Map products to selling plans

Once selling plans have been created we can proceed with mapping products to these selling plans. When a product is mapped to a selling plan, the product is made available to be purchased based on the options configured in the selling plan (eg, If a selling plan has 4 delivery frequencies then all the products would be available for all delivery frequencies.)

This article will walk you through -

How to map products to a selling plan?
Mapping products to the collections
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How to map products to a selling plan?

The user can reach the map products screen in two ways -

When a selling plan is created, the user is taken directly to the map products screen

If the selling plan has already been created before, the user can use the Edit / Add products link that is shown next to the selling plans.

Click on “ Add Products”. Then select the products you want to map and click on “Select”

Mapping products to the Collections

With collection mapping support, merchants can now map Shopify collections directly to selling plans instead of needing to map individual products. Once a Shopify collection is mapped, all the products part of the collection are auto-mapped to the selling plans via our bulk actions functionality.

Key features-

Native Shopify collection support does not require merchants to create separate collections in Loop.  A better implementation compared to the Recharge collections feature.
Smart collection support which means that as products are added/removed into the collection, their mapping is also auto-updated in Loop.
Auto-syncing of new collections added, updated or deleted.

Merchants who have rotating menus can keep Shopify collections created for each menu and then would only need to map/unmap the collection instead of individual products.
Merchants who have a very high number of products can choose to map the product collections directly and thus manage big catalogs and changes easily.
Merchants who have different product categories and want to offer different subscription plans can also leverage the collection mapping.


Can we add multiple products in a single selling plan?

Yes, we can add more than one product in a single selling plan. Go to Loop > Selling plans > Create / Edit selling plan > Add / Edit products

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Updated on: 17/06/2024

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