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Minimum order value

To enhance the customer experience and ensure that the order fulfillment process remains efficient, our system can be configured to allow customers to remove products from their orders only if the total value of the remaining items meets or exceeds the predetermined minimum amount.

By implementing this minimum order value requirement, we are able to strike a balance between accommodating customer preferences and ensuring optimal operational efficiency.

Note: This setting if configured prevents the customer from removing any product from subscription if it is under the minimum value, they can however add products to the subscription.

Step 1 : Head over to “Loop> Customer Portal > Preferences > Edit / Remove Products”

Step 2 : Set the minimum amount and save.

Let’s set the amount to $50 for example.

If the order value is greater than $50, which is $66.69 in this case.

Now, let’s try to remove the Baby Shampoo, so we click on “Edit”.

And we can see that the “Remove” option is present.

If the subscription total is less than $50, the customer will not be allowed to take the remove action on the page and will be shown a toast with the following message "Cannot remove the product as minimum amount is not satisfied"

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Loop Subscription Team

Updated on: 04/07/2024

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