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Subscription specific shipping profiles

When configuring shipping settings it’s important that you get the flexibility to dial the exact settings that you need. Loop Subscriptions provides you with the ability to configure multiple shipping-specific delivery profiles. View and manage subscription-specific shipping rates, you can use this functionality to provide shipping for subscriptions.

Note that Subscription specific shipping profiles will override Shopify’s default shipping settings.

How to configure a subscription-specific shipping profile

To configure a shipping profile for subscriptions go to Loop > Settings > Subscription shipping rates and follow the below-mentioned steps -

Step 1: Create a Shipping Profile by clicking “Create Shipping Profile”

Step 2: Add a name to your profile & choose the selling plans that you want to map to this Shipping Profile. You can choose as many selling plans as you want.

Step 3:  We have introduced a new locations block feature, enabling you to select specific locations where you wish to activate the shipping profile as highlighted in the image below -

Step 4: Add zones where you would be shipping your subscription products and the shipping rates as well.

Note: If you have the same selling plan mapped to multiple Subscription specific shipping profiles. Shopify will automatically choose the lowest value.

Update shipping details
Auto-update shipping price in subscriptions

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Updated on: 17/06/2024

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