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Create a Subscription Manually

There are certain situations where a subscription has to be created manually. In such cases, you can utilize this feature and create a subscription manually for a particular user.

How to create a subscription Manually
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These conditions have to be met before you are able to create manual subscriptions for your users.

The customer must have purchased a Subscription on the online store beforehand
The customer must have a valid payment method for a Subscription

How to create a subscription manually

To create a subscription manually, follow the steps given below

Go to Loop > Subscriptions and click on “*Create Subscription Manually**”

Under Customer, Details click on “*Select Customer**” to choose the customer whom you want to create a subscription for.
Select the products you want to add to the subscription.

Fill in the Subscription details such as Billing Date, Frequency, Min orders, etc

You can configure the discounts under the discounts tab. It can also be customized to enable a certain % after [X] orders.

Under Shipping, you can set the shipping price manually and also the Delivery Method title.

The Delivery Method title is shown on Shopify orders page and used by 3rd party fulfillment services.

Finally, the checkbox stating that the customer agrees to the subscription should be checked.

Now can manually create a subscription

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Updated on: 04/07/2024

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