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Migrate to Loop

This article will serve as an overview of the whole migration process and the steps that you will need to follow to migrate from your current platform to loop. After following this guide, you will be able to manage and update these subscriptions inside the Loop Subscriptions app

Before you start
Understand the type of platform used currently
Data points not covered by the migration process
Understand the overall setup / migration workflow
Settings that need to be disabled in previous platform
Migration process
Understanding Your Migration Options with Loop
White glove migration service
Self-service migration
Custom platform support
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a few things that you are required to have before we proceed further with this guide

A valid Shopify merchant account and storefront setup on Shopify
Installed and completed configuring the Loop Subscriptions app and is live with the loop widget on storefront. If not - check our getting started section.
Access to a supported payment processor (e.g. Stripe,, etc.) to download the relevant data. (not required for Shopify native subscription apps)
The account needs to be active as the migrated subscriptions will continue to be processed by the payment processor.
The payment processor will need to be connected either as a primary or a secondary provider in your Shopify store.
Access to the platform or app from which you want to migrate the subscriptions.
Satisfy Shopify’s eligibility criteria for subscriptions.

Please ensure that all the prerequisites are met before going through the next steps. The exact steps will vary based on the type of platform that you are migrating from. We will be covering all these specifics in sub articles linked below.

Understand the type of platform you are currently using

Native Shopify platforms → utilize Shopify checkout for the subscription purchase and management experience
Non-Native / Legacy Shopify → utilize custom checkout for subscription purchases on the store
Non Shopify platforms → subscription management is not done in Shopify based platform

Based on the category of your previous subscription app / platform - we would be requiring to perform a payment token import if your platform falls under the categories marked with the red crossed lines

If you don't fall under any of the above categories - please refer to the custom platform section for more information and reach out to or book a time for consulting with us.

The following data points will not be transferred over as part of the migration activity

Historical data (order history) is not migrated during subscription migrations. This applies to all migrations. This information will be available for future reference through historical exports from the source platform.
Analytic information (total subscription spend etc) is not migrated during subscription migrations. However, migrated subscriptions will retain their created_at, cancelled_at and paused_at dates respectively.

For more information related to the specific data points that are covered by the migration process, you can check out our standard format templates, which dive into more depth.

Subscription migration format
Payment migration format

Understand the overall setup / migration workflow

The image below aims to help you understand how the Onboarding and Migration processes are structured.

The reason why we suggest going live with loop prior to migration is to ensure that new subscriptions are created in Loop and not on your old platform.

This will ensure that the data export that we have taken from your old platform stays up to date through the migration process (as no new subscriptions are created on your previous platform)

The following settings will need to be disabled on your previous platform before commencing migration

Customer portal permissions / settings
Customer notifications
Subscription widget

These settings once disabled will help ensure a seamless transition from your previous platform to Loop.

Subscription data / information does not change post exporting from previous platform

New subscriptions are not created from the storefront on the previous platform
Existing subscriptions are not modified in any way by the customer / merchant post data export

Customers are not notified in any way during the migration process

Explanation for the numbers in the above table

Exact guides on a platform level will be added to the compatability matrix (WIP) and updated in this help article in the coming weeks.

Compataibility matrix will also be updated regularly based on new architectural changes introduced by Shopify platform.

The migration process is a 3-step process, with some steps optional and platform dependent. These steps will be marked with * to indicate the same

Customer Migration*
Import Payments*
Import Subscriptions

Step (1) is only required when moving from an external / non Shopify platform to Loop. As in this case the customer information is not present within Shopify and the merchant would need to import the same.

A detailed guide for the same can be found in Shopify docs

Step (2) is only required when moving from either an external / non Shopify platform (or) when moving from a legacy platform like Bold v1 / Recharge using legacy checkout.

There are two main ways to navigate the migration process that are supported by the Loop team and is covered in detail in the article below.

White glove migration service
Self serve migration service

White glove migration service is offered without any extra charge on any of Loop's paid plans. For more information related to pricing, click here. Plans start from $99/monthly.

Steps 2 and 3 mentioned here will be directly taken up by the Loop team and executed end to end.

White glove migration service

Reach out to us at to have your subscriptions migrated by our professional team of migration experts who ensure that our customers are ensured a white-gloved, stress-free experience.

Our migration team converts the platform-specific data into the standard format that is used at our end. You can refer to the below links for more information about the format and its specifics.

Migration data example
Subscription migration data format
Payment migration data format

Block a time to consult with the migration team by clicking here. We highly recommed this method for the smoothest experience.

Self serve migration

The merchant can choose to manually migrate their subscriptions from other platforms to Loop using the inbuilt features of the loop app. This facilitates the migration process by allowing you to create the subscription contract manually on the platform.

Syncing of payment methods from Shopify is performed by the backend team on a request basis. (Required to use the create subscription functionality)

This method is only recommended when you have less than 50 subscriptions on your previous platform.

Based on the type of platform of your previous subscription platform - you would need to perform either both the steps or just one of the below-mentioned steps.

Legacy / Non Shopify platform

Connect your existing supported payment provider as a secondary provider to your Shopify by heading to Loop > Settings > Migrate customers and payment methods > Connect Stripe (example)
If your current payment provider is not supported - you will need to migrate to a supported payment provider to continue with the rest of the steps
Import payment tokens from the supported PSP using the Loop app. (step-by-step guide)
Create a subscription for that customer using the Create Subscription Manually feature found under Loop > Subscriptions (step-by-step guide)

Shopify native platform

Request for a sync payment methods operation to be performed for your store.
Request for the feature "**Create subscription manually**" to be activated if you are on the FREE plan and are following this guide.
Create a subscription for that customer using the Create Subscription Manually feature found under Loop > Subscriptions (step-by-step guide)

Loop migration specalists will be able to help chart a migration from custom built platform (inhouse / external) to Shopify + Loop. Migration support for this is only offered on our paid plans.

A detailed technical walkthrough of the migration from a custom platform to Loop can be found in the below document.

-> Custom platform migration

How long does it usually take for the whole process?

-> This depends on the amount of subscriptions - but a good rule of thumb for estimating migration time is 1 hour per 500 contracts.

Is there any fee/extra costs for migrating my subscriptions?

–> No, we don't charge anything extra for the migration process. It is completely free and a white-gloved experience.

Can I migrate my subscriptions myself?

–> Yes, we have a built-in migration utility in the app which allows you to do the migration yourself. (reference)

Do my customers need to do anything during the migration process?

–> No, there is nothing that your customers have to do on their end. They won’t even notice the switch 🙂. Subscription login is seamless through the app's magic link functionality

When migrating from non shopify platforms like WooCommerce - your customers might need to activate their shopify account from their email

(optional - for when you want customer to login to Shopify account to manage their **orders**)

Should I set up integrations before or after migration?

–> Please ensure that you have all your marketing / notification integrations disconnected on both your old platform as well as on Loop to avoid any notifications being triggered from these third party providers.

Is it necessary that I have to use one of the supported payment providers?

–> Yes, as a native subscription app we only support the payment providers which are supported by Shopify for subscriptions. Check Shopify’s list of eligible payment providers for more details.

Which platforms are supported for subscription migration?

–> Legacy platforms like Recharge and Bold are supported. We also support migrating from any Shopify subscription app as long as they are able to provide us with the required data!

If you'd like to learn more about how to migrate your subscriptions-  click here to block a time with us. If you have any queries or doubts about any of these steps. Please reach out to


Loop Subscription Team

Updated on: 05/07/2024

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