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Quick action URLs

Quick action URLs are magic links you can send the customers to take specific actions quickly without making them navigate through the customer portal searching for a particular action.

We currently support four types of quick-action URLs:

Update payment method
Reactivate subscription
Add product
Resume subscription

It works seamlessly with our marketing integrations like Klaviyo, Omnisend, Recart, and Attentive and gives you complete control over customer notifications sent.

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Benefits of quick action URL
Types of Quick Action URLs
How to create a quick action URL?
How to use quick action URL in Loop customer email notifications
How to use quick action URLs in Klaviyo?
What do customers experience when they click on a quick action URL?
Managing and checking the performance of existing quick actions
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Why Quick Action URL?

Quick action URL can help you to:

Increase revenue realization by providing quick action links to update payment methods.
Boost Average Order Value by making it simpler for customers to add products to the next order.
Reactivate canceled subscriptions by attaching a quick link in the canceled subscription email to reactivate with or without a discount.

Types of Quick Action URLs

Quick actions can be segmented into 3 types broadly:

Event Actions
Campaign Actions
Checkout links

Event Actions: These are the quick actions that are auto-generated when a specific event happens.

All you would need is the action key to leverage this action. The key will be used to refer to the action link in the notifications sent via Loop or 3rd party apps like Klaviyo.

Campaign Actions: Using this, you can generate quick action URLs in bulk which can then be used in Email/ SMS campaigns sent over by any marketing app of your choice. This doesn't give you an action key like Event Actions but it will provide you links that can be straightaway passed to the customers to leverage the benefits.

Checkout Links: You can create direct checkout links to convert returning customers to subscribers, help in-store customers avail of subscription benefits, or increase conversions from landing pages.

How to create a quick action URL?

Now that you are excited to offer a great customer experience, let’s jump directly into 4 easy steps to create a short action URL:

Click the ‘Create new action’ button on Loop admin > Quick actions.

Step 1: Select the type of action you want to create from the below options:

Update payment method
Reactivate subscription
Add product
Resume subscription

Step 2: Enter an action name which will be used as a prefix to generate a non-editable action key which will be used to refer to the action link in the notifications sent via Loop or 3rd party apps like Klaviyo. For example,

Action name: Reactivation campaign

Action key(non-editable): quickAction_reactivationCampaign

Step 3: Select subscription events where you want this quick action link to be available. The action key generated will be available in the selected event payloads.

There are different events available for other ‘Action type’ selected in Step 1:

For Reactivate Subscription you get-

Subscription cancelled
Payment failed with no retries left

For Update Payment Method you get-

Payment failed with retries left
Payment failed with the last retry left
Payment failed with no retries left

For Add Product you get-

Subscription created
Upcoming order reminder
Subscription resumed
Subscription reactivated

For Resume Subscription you get-

Subscription paused
Payment failed with no retries left

Step 4: Select additional properties to define quick action wholistically. Additional properties also vary basis the ‘Action type’ selected in Step 1:

For Update payment method or Reactivate subscription-

Discount incentive - Configure the discount incentive you would like to offer customers to complete the action. You can offer ‘No discount’, ‘$X off for next Y orders’, and ‘X% off for next Y orders’.

For Add product-

Select the product you want customers to add as a one-time or subscription and offer a discount. You can select only one product for one action.

When you finish the desired configurations, click ‘Save’ to create a quick action URL.

Sharing a step-by-step guide for creating a quick reactivation URL with a one-time 10% discount.

How to use quick action URLs in Loop customer notifications?

Once you are done setting up quick action URLs, all the relevant quick actions will be made automatically available for respective events selected in the ‘Create new quick action’ page. You can locate all the customer email notifications sent by Loop on Settings > Notifications > Emails page on the right side information bar.

In the emails tab, open the concerned notification by clicking on its name. You can find the quick action URL variable in the right bar. The variable can be embedded as a URL within any button or text on the email, as shown below.

How to use quick action URLs in Klaviyo?

Similar to Loop email notifications, you can send these quick action URLs from any of the marking platforms integrated with Loop i.e. Klaviyo, Attentive, Recart, and Omnisend.

Along with other subscription variables being passed from Loop, you will find the quick action URLs using the ‘Action Key’ generated while creating a quick action. You can refer to the below video guide for using an action key titled 'quickAction_reactivateWith_10Discount' in Klaviyo emails in this format - '{{event.quickAction_reactivateWith_10Discount}}'

What do customers experience when they click on a quick action URL?

Quick action URL is a savior for your customers as it reduces the number of steps to complete an action by multi-folds.

Let’s say you are running a reactivation campaign where you want to offer a one-time 10% discount incentive for customers who will reactivate their canceled subscriptions.

Attaching a teaser of what customers will experience while claiming their 10% discount by reactivating their subscription within a few seconds in just 2 clicks.

Note: Quick action URL is valid only for one-time uses. If the customer tries to use the same link again, it will give them an error ‘The quick action link has expired’.


Is there any specific time validity for any quick action URL?

A quick action URL will never expire after a specific time limit. However, each URL is valid only for single usage. Hence once a link has been used to perform a designated action, it can't be used again.

Can we send a quick action URL on any customer notification?

The quick action URL will be available only in the supported events configured during the URL creation process.

Can I use a quick action URL to launch the revival campaign for cancelled subscriptions?

The quick action URL can be sent immediately on a subscription cancellation event to help customers reactivate their cancelled subscriptions. Now since the URL is generated only on the occurrence of a supported event, you will not be able to use it in any mass email marketing campaign to revive all your cancelled subscriptions at once.

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Updated on: 24/06/2024

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